How to Maximize Your Notebook

Last night, my Visual Studio 2015 was updating real slow. I’m a computer science student, by the way. Since the update seems like it's going to take forever to finish, I decided to upgrade my notebook because classes will start next week! [screams internally]. I want to be more organized in note-taking this semester because … Continue reading How to Maximize Your Notebook


Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)

This is my second attempt in growing my own sunflowers. I'm gonna go with EZ mode this time. Yesterday, I bought this Mini Garden from Pepper Hill for only ₱190.00. It's basically a sunflower gardening kit in a can. Pretty cool. What's Inside? The gardening kit contains a can filled with soil, tray, cotton strip, spare seeds, and instructions. … Continue reading Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)