Sunny and Friends

Hello hello! This is Take 2, Week 1. My seeds germinated in just three days. They're growing faster than I thought. So here's an update,  four of them sprouted successfully and one of my babies is struggling to hold on to the soil. Happy Town This is their home. I think they are enjoying the … Continue reading Sunny and Friends


Artichokes & Hearts

Amélie(2001) is truly a picturesque film that tells a story of a timid Parisian girl. It is one of my favorite movies because I see myself in the protagonist. I can say that we are very much alike, from creativity to showing what I want others to know, indirectly [because I'm too shy].  Like her, I like … Continue reading Artichokes & Hearts

Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)

This is my second attempt in growing my own sunflowers. I'm gonna go with EZ mode this time. Yesterday, I bought this Mini Garden from Pepper Hill for only ₱190.00. It's basically a sunflower gardening kit in a can. Pretty cool. What's Inside? The gardening kit contains a can filled with soil, tray, cotton strip, spare seeds, and instructions. … Continue reading Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)