I hate ‘Good Morning’ messages

I hate 'Good Morning' messages, it's too exhausting for me. That's what I don't like when I'm in an intimate relationship with someone. I don't like the feeling of being obliged to tell someone to have a good morning or even have their meals when they are already adults that could decide for themselves. I … Continue reading I hate ‘Good Morning’ messages



Hello, sunflower people! This is Take 2; Week 4 update. Last week, Sunshine started to bloom and I decided to place it in a sunny place because I thought that she needed some light since she's a sunflower. Then this happened... I brought her back to her safe-zone and she's still not getting well... Sunny's … Continue reading Buddies

New Girl

Hello, sunflower people. I’m back! I haven’t got the chance to write a blog post over the weekend because I was sick but now I’m feeling great and I have a bunch of news for you! While I was watering my plants last week, I thought that what if my babies are not really sunflowers … Continue reading New Girl