Hello, sunflower people! This is Take 2; Week 4 update.

Last week, Sunshine started to bloom and I decided to place it in a sunny place because I thought that she needed some light since she’s a sunflower. Then this happened…


I brought her back to her safe-zone and she’s still not getting well…


Sunny’s Visitor


Someone’s munching Sunny’s leaves. I investigated each leaf…


…and found out who the suspect was.

don’t touch my sunflowers, u furry little guy!

It’s an itchy worm!!! [ha ha ha]. It’s like a caterpillar… but an evil caterpillar with fur that’s itchy as hell when it touches your skin.


Sunshine has new buddies. There are three of them. They are so cute! Sunshine will never be lonely because she now has friends that she can have fun with.



Growing Boy

Sunny, on the other hand, is starting to have his own bud! I’m really excited to see it bloom. My baby boy is growing so fast.


That’s all. Bye-bye!



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