New Girl

Hello, sunflower people. I’m back! I haven’t got the chance to write a blog post over the weekend because I was sick but now I’m feeling great and I have a bunch of news for you!

While I was watering my plants last week, I thought that what if my babies are not really sunflowers and they are magic beans and will grow to a massive stalk just like in Jack and the Bean Stalk.


I know that’s silly but who knows? Haha.

The New Girl

Last Friday, my mom bought me a sunflower plant! Maybe she lost her faith in me that I could grow my own one, eh? I’m very happy about the sunflower plant but I will not stop caring for my sunny flowers.


To prevent confusion, I will name her….Sunshine. (Aw, yes. Thanks. I’m so creative… or not!)

Earlier this morning, my mom sent me a photo of Sunshine and she is starting to bloom!!!!


When I got home, I immediately checked on her (and Sunny, of course) and she’s blooming so fast!


Take 2; Week 3 Update:

I think I might need to transfer Sunny into a larger pot anytime soon because he is also growing real fast!


Sunny is starting to grow straight and tall!

That’s my boy.

That is all.



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