What’s Inside an M.R.E.?

Meal Ready-to-Eat (M.R.E.) is a complete meal package consumed by the military when in duty in places where food is not always available.

So today, I’m all alone at my house and there’s no food. Luckily, there’s an M.R.E. here for my lunch.


Time to have a fancy meal!




Carton and M.R.E.

This is a food heater. The first step is to insert the M.R.E. inside the bag then fill it with water just between the lines. Then, fold the top and place it inside the carton. Afterwards, I inclined it to the table support for ten minutes because the instruction says so. After ten minutes, remove the M.R.E. from the heater and it’s warm and ready to go!


Be careful when pouring water. I overfilled mine which caused a leakage.


M.R.E. has a lot of food options. There’s pork sausage with creamy gravy, ratatouille, beef ravioli, and many more.  I chose the chicken pasta pesto one.

What’s a fancy lunch without a flower and a candle?

It actually tastes good! The pesto flavor is absolutely rich and the chicken is tender. I give this an 8.5/10 rating.

The side dish, which is the Italian bread stick smells good but tastes like under cooked dough. 3/10.

>>Patriotic Sugar Cookies

There’s Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty and the torch

These are so adorable and it’s my favorite among all! The cookies have shapes related to the United States.It’s not that sweet and it’s still crunchy. 9/10.

>>Cinnamon Bun


The texture of the bun is  the same as the Italian bread sticks. However, this one tastes much better. 5/10.

>>Grape Juice


I didn’t have the chance to try out this one because I don’t like juice. I think it’s like Gatorade though. ?/10.



The package also includes cheese spread, salt and pepper, tissue, wipes, matches, mints, coffee, creamer, and sugar. It has a resealable bag to make warm water using the heater.

All in all, the M.R.E. is great. The package is lightweight and no scissors or knife is needed to open up each bag. It is really convenient for camping or any other survival activities.


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