How to Maximize Your Notebook

Last night, my Visual Studio 2015 was updating real slow. I’m a computer science student, by the way. Since the update seems like it’s going to take forever to finish, I decided to upgrade my notebook because classes will start next week! [screams internally].

I want to be more organized in note-taking this semester because since I entered college, my notebooks were quite a disaster.


I don’t divide it into sections, I only used a different pen color for every subject so looking for a certain topic was a headache.

Materials I used:

  • Thick Notebook
  • Ruler
  • Glue Stick
  • Decorative paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Scissors
  • Highlighters
  • Transparent packaging tape
  •  Sticky notes

The Notebook (with #Tags)

Here’s my humble notebook, it has 112 pages and I divided it into seven parts because I have seven subjects. (I really have 8 subjects but I am assuming that one professor will require to have a separate notebook).


The width of my notebook is fourteen centimeters so I cut a 14×2 inch paper then divided it into seven sections.


I colored the tabs using my highlighters (I only have 5 colors, so I mixed two pens to create a new color) then I wrote the subject code for easy navigation.


Afterwards, I cut it and then pasted it at the top pages of the start of each section.

I’m really bad at eye-balling measurements.

Back Pocket

The last page of my notebook is kinda thick which is perfect to be a pocket but if yours is not thick, that’s okay. You can use and cut a folder instead.


I measured 1.5 cm from the right edge and drew a semi-circle at the middle. I don’t really know why I did that but I’m pretty sure pockets look like that.

After that I glued the top and bottom edges.


Afterwards, I inserted a decorative paper inversely and traced the outline of the pocket and then I cut it.


Lastly, I pasted the paper and filled the white spaces of the sides with a highlighter.


Life Tip: Try to search the ‘net whatever you need in life. For example, trees rivers doesn’t have a ruler so she searched for a printable ruler. Be resourceful!


“Side Notes”

Sticky notes are great for reminders and for side-notes. I have plenty of sticky notes before but I don’t even get to use them either because I misplaced it or forget that I have those. So I glued about 10 pages of these to the first space that I saw in my notebook then I decorated it with some sparkly tape.


!!!: Do not exceed more than ten pages because it will be too bulky.

Bonus Tip: If your notebook is not water proof, cover it with a transparent packaging tape and if yours has a spine like mine, it is important to protect it with a layer of tape because the string might snap after a few months of using it.

I did this mini d.i.y. project for 2 hours and the update wasn’t done! So I just went straight to sleep.


That’s all.



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