Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)

This is my second attempt in growing my own sunflowers. I’m gonna go with EZ mode this time.

Yesterday, I bought this Mini Garden from Pepper Hill for only ₱190.00. It’s basically a sunflower gardening kit in a can. Pretty cool.

“Product Shoot”

What’s Inside?

The gardening kit contains a can filled with soil, tray, cotton strip, spare seeds, and instructions.



First, I pulled the tab of the bottom face of the can and slipped the cotton strip. It should be inserted at least three centimeters inside but I can’t push any more further so I just let it be like that since it is already secure and in contact with the “leak-proof” cloth inside the can.


Then, I opened the top face of the can. The seeds are already buried and this kit uses soil pellets too (like in my first attempt).

“trail mix”

Afterwards, I placed the can inside a bowl and filled it with a cup of water. It immediately soaked half of the water and I let it sit for ten more minutes to absorb more water.


Lastly, I transferred the can to the tray with water.


That’s it! It should germinate within three to ten days.



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