Tree of Tranquility

In the previous semester, in my Academic Writing course, we were instructed to write an essay about our ideal hideaway in just 45 minutes. I have no idea why my professor gave me a perfect grade for this one because I think my work is quite ordinary and not that really good. Somehow, I enjoyed writing this because the thought of my hideaway is relaxing in spite of the hell week’s tension.

Today, I thought of drawing and painting some parts of it in less than 45 minutes, too. I tried my best in illustrating because I suck at perspectives. Here are the results [with my essay, of course]:

Life is really stressful. Especially for a college student like me, where school works are haunting me everywhere I go. Accompanied by the heavy traffic that I face everyday, commuting is more exhausting than studying. I wish I could have a hideaway far from the busy city, where the irritating noise will be replaced by the chirping of the birds, so that I can have a moment to relax and enjoy solitude.

My ideal hideaway or should I call it, my happy place would be a two-story tree house at the forest. A wooden ladder, about the height of a basketball ring, would be climbed in order to enter the tree house.

augmented reality lol

Upon entering my perfect sanctuary, the sweet aroma of coffee will be smelled everywhere. In the left side, there will be an art studio by a big window where I can see a lovely lake which sparkles during the daylight, for me to squeeze my creative juices. While in the right side, would be a food hub with all my favorite treats in it.

I tried!

At the second floor of the tree house would be my bedroom. Three walls would have bookshelves containing all kinds of books that I like, and the remaining wall would be a massive window again so that I can appreciate the beautiful view. My king-sized bed, which would be as soft as marshmallows, will be in the middle with no bed frame because it’s more comfortable for me. Lastly, my ceiling will be made out of glass so that I can see the shining stars before I sleep.


This place would be a private one. No one would know this special place. For me to have time for tranquility, it’s best to be all alone.

It took me about 30 minutes to finish though, I think I can still make it better some time in the future. But that was fun!



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