What’s Inside an M.R.E.?

Meal Ready-to-Eat (M.R.E.) is a complete meal package consumed by the military when in duty in places where food is not always available. So today, I'm all alone at my house and there's no food. Luckily, there's an M.R.E. here for my lunch. Time to have a fancy meal! WHAT'S INSIDE? >>Heater This is a … Continue reading What’s Inside an M.R.E.?


Moving Out (Take 2; Week 2)

WARNING: This will be a very short update Before anything else, I want to show this picture of a part of our yard. It's relaxing for me to see this though it's a mess. (Take 2; Week 2) Update: A few days ago, I relocated my sunflowers to our old car, just like in Schrödinger’s … Continue reading Moving Out (Take 2; Week 2)

Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)

This is my second attempt in growing my own sunflowers. I'm gonna go with EZ mode this time. Yesterday, I bought this Mini Garden from Pepper Hill for only ₱190.00. It's basically a sunflower gardening kit in a can. Pretty cool. What's Inside? The gardening kit contains a can filled with soil, tray, cotton strip, spare seeds, and instructions. … Continue reading Sunflower-in-Can (Take 2; Week 0)