Holiday in Baguio

Baguio City (Philippines) is known for its cool weather, pine trees, and strawberries. It is located northwest of the archipelago.


My family had a vacation in Baguio City these past three days. We departed Manila by 12:00 a.m. and arrived at the destination by about 6:00 a.m. I also suggest to travel by this time to prevent traffic jams. The ride was like a roller coaster that never goes down when we were nearing the plateau.

Day 1
We spent more than an hour finding a restaurant for lunch because of the heavy traffic due to many tourists and either the diner has no parking space or no available tables.

Miraculously, we passed by a place called Safari Lodge Bar and Restaurant, and there were only few people dining in there.

Located at Leonard Wood Rd.

What The Fact!: The owner of the hotel and restaurant used to hunt animals for sport. It’s an expensive sport because you need to pay like 4,000 dollars or more to hunt legally and you only get to keep the head of the animal as your trophy.

It has a cabin-like interior with heads of stuffed animals hanged in the walls.

Lunch date with Mr. Elephant

The food tastes like ordinary food but it was not that expensive considering that the restaurant has a nice ambiance. Price starts at ₱150.00 and some meals are good for sharing.


After this we went to Burnham Park but I did not have the chance to take a picture because there were too many people there.


Day 2
First stop, La Trinidad. The town where the strawberries and other fruits and vegetables are. It’s kind of sunny and warm the time we were here.

Entrance to the plantation.

No entrance fee, just sign in at their log book.



I was so happy when I saw these sunflowers but unfortunately, the door is closed to see them up close. There’s even a sunflower that has a head that is as big as a basketball ball, reminded me of the sunflower in Plants vs Zombie.


You can harvest crops by yourself here. Just ask for assistance from the farmers. The rate for the lettuce is ₱50.00 for 3 hand-picked lettuces. There was no price posted for the strawberries, though.

Meet and greet Mr. Sun Flower

In the middle of the plantation, there’s this lonely sunflower that you need to pay ₱10.00 per head to have a picture with him.



The Taho Guys

Taho! It’s a tofu based treat topped with tapioca pearls and syrup. The usual ones have regular syrup, but here it has strawberry syrup. It tastes like normal taho with strawberry jam, obviously. It’s nice and sweet but they don’t remove the stock of the tofu which made it quite watery.

We also went to Mines View Park but the people there were like ants so we did not stay there for long. They sell flowers and succulents in pots there for a low price. I also saw the famous St. Bernard dog there and ponies with neon pink mane.


Day 3

We stayed at the house that we rented during our last day to pack up our things. So here’s some pictures of the flowers that I found in the city.

Personally, I did not enjoy that much our stay there because we did not get to go to museums and I don’t like going to places with too many people (except for concerts and music festivals, of course). But because of the heavy traffic, I got the chance to finish a lovely book entitled “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven.

After all, it’s the little things that count. The cold nights, relaxing naps in the car, long hot steamy showers, and pretty flowers, are the simple things that made my heart happy.

Monkeys caught on cam.

Travel Tip: As much as possible, don’t plan a vacation in Baguio during peak seasons. A lot of time will be wasted on traffic and there’ll be too many people everywhere.

*This is my first travel blog post. I’m looking forward to do another one soon. And I’ll take more pictures next time.



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