Schrödinger’s Sunflowers (Week 1)

This is my sunflowers’ first week and they experienced some rain, good thing I placed a plastic cover over the pot which served as their raincoat because the soil might rot when flooded with too much water. Sunflowers should sprout its first leaves in seven to ten days.

Home Sweet Home

Hello mtv, I’m sunflower mommy and welcome to my crib!

For the first few days, I placed the pot at the top of a rusty steel frame that is about 4.5 feet high because our dog might mess my pot up. However, I’m afraid to get my hands cut so it is not the safe for me. I searched for another spot and found that there is a vacant space inside our shabby old car. Hence, it became the home of my sunflowers.

The Moment of Truth

Schrodinger’s Sunflowers

This is Schrödinger’s Sunflowers… the seeds both have germinated and have not germinated until I remove the plastic cover.

Before anything else, here’s a picture of a floppy disk that I found in our yard earlier.

Ancient floppy disk

Fun Fact: “floppy” is one of my favorite words. Say the word “floppy” when I’m sad, it will cheer me up in an instant.

Now, back to my sunflower update: It has been a week since I planted the seeds and…


…my seeds have not sprouted. I’m a sad sunflower mommy. Maybe my babies are late-bloomers so I’ll wait for another week and give them extra love and care.



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